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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting an Apartment

Renting an apartment is a great way to claim your independence without committing to a mortgage. While owning a home provides a lot of benefits and freedoms, it's not the right choice for everyone. If you're not ready to buy a house and put down firm roots, finding an amazing apartment to call home is the way to go.

However, even though apartments are a temporary living situation, making certain mistakes can result in long-term consequences. For example, over-extending your budget can lead to financial problems that haunt you for years to come.

We want to help you ensure you have a purely positive experience. Keep reading for the top three mistakes to avoid when renting an apartment.

1. Not Knowing Your Budget

First, let's talk about finding an apartment you can comfortably afford. Nearly 54% of Americans struggle to make ends meet and are living paycheck to paycheck. The smallest financial upset or emergency could create extreme problems in their lives.

Avoid financial instability by finding an apartment that's well within your budget. This will leave you plenty of room for things like auto repairs, debt payments, hospital visits, etc.

When looking for an apartment, make sure you understand all of your costs. This includes your rental deposit, first month's rent, extra pet fees, utility costs, services (internet, cable, etc.), and more.

If you're working with a bigger budget, however, you can look into a luxury apartment. These come with fantastic features, commodities, and amenities.

2. Not Touring the Apartment in Person

Another mistake to avoid when renting an apartment is making your decision based on pictures and online tours. While these are helpful tools in finding apartments you're interested in, you still need to tour the apartment in person.

This will give you a better feeling and understanding of the space, layout, and community. You can also use this time to create a move-in checklist of things you'll need to properly furnish the apartment. 

Even if you're looking at a furnished flat, you should keep an eye out for existing issues or damages. If there's anything of concern, talk to your potential landlord about having it fixed before you move in.

3. Not Reading or Understanding the Lease Agreement

Finally, one of the worst mistakes people make when renting an apartment is scanning through the lease agreement, rather than reading it thoroughly. It's essential that you understand everything covered in the literature.

For example, how long is your rental agreement for? What happens when your initial time is up? If you renew your contract, can you opt for a month-to-month agreement?

If you decide to move out, what is the required notice period? Are there fees or penalties for late rent payments or earlier lease terminations?

What about utilities? Does the landlord cover any of the utilities or is it up to you to activate water, gas, and electricity?

These are important questions you can find answers to in your lease agreement. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, ask the landlord or rental company for clarification.

Thinking About Renting an Apartment?

We couldn't be more excited about your search for the right apartment. There's nothing more inspiring than finding a new home. Just make sure you avoid the mistakes listed above when renting an apartment.

And if you're ready to get the ball rolling, contact us today to schedule a tour. We would love to show you the spaces we have available for tenants like you.