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5 Tips to Furnish Your New Luxury Rental Apartment

You've just moved into a luxury rental and are ready to make it your own. But where do you start? Decorating a rental can be tricky, especially if your landlord has strict rules about painting or hanging items on the walls.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to customize your rental and show off your excellent taste—all it takes is a little work and some creativity. 

In this post, we'll review five expert tips for decorating your new luxury rental apartment. After reading it, you'll be inspired and ready to plan your new decor!

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

Purchasing new appliances will make your rental apartment look more luxurious, especially if the ones you currently have are outdated. Stainless steel appliances are an excellent choice since they never go out of style. Plus, they're easy to clean and match with most kitchens. 

2. Change Your Light Fixtures and Bulbs

Some rental apartments come with ugly light fixtures, which you can replace to reflect your style. Head to the hardware store and look for lighting with luxury finishes. 

We also recommend layering the light using lamps. For instance, you could place one on a table or desk and get a floor lamp for the living room. Then, choose dimmable light bulbs with warm lighting, which give off a cozy glow. 

3. Choose Furnishings Carefully

Before choosing furniture, you should make sure it matches your style. For example, if you want a modern aesthetic, you'll need to forego purchasing that antique dresser you like so much. 

Once you choose a style, look at pictures for inspiration and visit high-quality furniture stores to find the right pieces. 

4. Add Plants

Plants instantly bring life and color to your apartment. There are hundreds of standard varieties, so you shouldn't have trouble finding plants that thrive in your apartment's lighting conditions. Just be sure to purchase low-maintenance plants if you aren't home often or forget to water them.

Then, add a chic planter that blends in with the room or makes a statement.

5. Swap Light Switch Plates and Knobs

If you don't have much money to spend on decorating, you can swap out your drab light switches, door knobs, and cabinet handles for high-quality ones. This straightforward renovation will only cost a couple of hundred dollars but will make a huge difference. 

Just keep the ones that came with the apartment so you can switch them back if you decide to move.

Get the Luxury Rental of Your Dreams

With the help of these tips, you can transform your luxury rental into the home of your dreams. So, get to work and develop a plan to give your apartment a breath of new life.  

If you still haven't found the luxury rental apartment you always wanted, check out Park Fountains at Preston Hollow, located in North Dallas. It's easy to schedule a tour online, so book yours today!