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7 Luxury Apartment Design Ideas and Decor

You're trying to make the most out of your small space by being smart with storage and even smarter with design. Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean your home can't be a stunningly curated luxury design.

Getting the luxury feel while apartment living requires you to get creative to achieve the professionally designed look. And with a few tips, tricks, and ideas, you can start the transformation right now.

Here are five design and decor ideas to turn any bit of small square footage into stunning luxury apartments.

1. Go Natural

One of the biggest current trends in interior design is to be smart with your luxury. Gone are the days of flashy decor because the understated, natural aesthetic has taken over the glossy magazine pages.

Modern luxury is all about bringing natural elements like stone, ceramic, and wood into your home. The best part is that this is a highly achievable design for apartment living.

Incorporate natural materials and earthy tones for a contemporary luxe design. Mix elements to create an interesting design. Here is a great chance to play and get creative with the elements you choose.

Consider contrasting the stone of your counters with the natural fibers of your rug, which complements the wood grain of your living room console.

2. Light It Up

Any interior design will tell you that the proper lighting is key to a well-designed and luxurious space. Lighting can often be the secret weapon controlling how you feel about a room.

To get the luxurious feel that a professional designer provides, you'll want to layer your lighting. This means you'll need much more than one lamp in the room.

Instead, you'll want to think about ambient, accent, and task lighting and how it can work in your space.

Another key lighting element is natural light. An apartment bathed in sunlight feels light, airy, and luxurious. Be sure to allow the maximum amount of sunlight in your home by using sheer curtains during the day.

3. Think In Color

All interior design starts with a good color scheme. Before you begin buying furniture and decor and trying to make it work in your space, create a color palette.

Start by getting some inspiration from design magazines and online. See what shades and hues you gravitate to. Are you a fan of vivid and bright, or are you more of a muted person?

You can make any color scheme feel luxurious with the right design, so choose a color scheme that makes you happy, not what feels like luxury. From there, you can start choosing elements like art, furniture, and decor.

When choosing colors, it's also important to remember the space you're designing. Living rooms may do well with bright colors for entertaining. But you'll probably want your bedroom to be a calming shade.

4. Add Art

Art is a key part of luxury apartment designs because it shows off your personality. Living in an empty cube with nothing on the walls is boring, depressing, and definitely not luxurious.

However, it's a common misconception that you have to invest a ton of money into curating an art collection. You can find incredible art at any price range. And you can find ways to make even the most inexpensive art look luxurious.

A great place to start is by checking out small or local artists who sell paintings and prints. Not only will these pieces be unique, but they'll also reflect your own taste.

You can make inexpensive art look luxurious by placing it in stylish frames. Another trick is to buy oversized art to give your apartment the feeling of being in an art gallery.

5. Try Geometric

If there's one design that isn't going out of style soon, it's geometric. Simple and elegant with a touch of contemporary fun, geometric prints bring subtle interest into the room.

To get maximize the luxury out of this design, you'll want to use geometric patterns in moderations. Geometric rugs, art, furniture, and fixtures will quickly become overwhelming.

Instead, pick one element to make a statement with a geometric print. In the living room, it might be a rug, while in the bedroom, it could be some art. Complement geometric design with contemporary and classic pieces.

6. Get Curvy

Trends are cyclical, so what was once out has now come back in a new, revitalized way. One trend that's back in favor is curvy furniture and decor.

This trend is pulled from the 70s and nicely contrasts the sleek straight lines that dominated modern interior design. Unexpected curves are one of the best luxury apartment design trends, making your home more playful and warm.

One of the best ways to incorporate this trend without going overboard is with an irregularly shaped mirror. If you want a piece that's a statement, try making a curved sofa the center of your living room.


7. Finish Strong

Once you have the major pieces of your apartment figured out, it's time to focus on the details. Small items may not seem like an important part of the design, but they can help round out the design and pull it together.

Consider decorative objects that will accent the space, like statues, bookends, or globes.

You'll also want to add in your personality to make the space feel like home. So, if you're into music, set up your record player and record collection.

Making sure what you love is featured throughout your apartment will create a space you love to come home to.

From Standard Square Footage to Luxury Apartments

Who doesn't want to live in the lap of luxury? The perks of a beautiful building and stunning surroundings are enough to make anyone enjoy coming home at night. But sometimes, you have to create that luxury.

Luckily, you don't always need to break the bank to find yourself living in one of your city's most beautiful luxury apartments. If you use these tips, you can easily transform your space into the well-designed abode you deserve.

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