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Renting an Apartment: How to Hire an Interior Decorator

The market for luxury apartments is growing steadily, leading to the growth of rental premiums. Even with the price increases, many affluent people choose to rent instead.

Renting an apartment has many advantages, but one disadvantage is the lack of customization options. You don’t own the place, so you must obey the landlord’s restrictions.

Are you tired of reading an interior decoration guide for owned properties? Hire a decorator instead. Read on to learn how to find the right person for the job.

Determine Your Style

First, determine the style you want for your new apartment. What themes and colors do you prefer? What kind of feeling do you want to invoke through interior decoration?

Research various interior design types, but you need not stick to one. You can combine elements you like from different styles. You can also look at interior decoration tips online to see what resonates with you.

List down your requirements, as well. Do you have pets? Do you have any medical conditions?

Knowing your taste helps the interior decorator know more about what you want to achieve. It also allows you to find the best person for the job as you can assess whether their portfolio suits your vision.

Ask For Recommendations

Do you have friends renting luxury apartments in North Dallas? Do you like the style of their place? Ask them for recommendations.

Ask your family and colleagues since they may have someone to recommend. Google is also your friend—get on the search engine and look for interior decorators near you.

They may have websites or social media pages where you can check their previous works. Don’t hesitate to contact several people if they fit your initial assessment.

Ask The Right Questions

To find the right one, you have to ask the right questions in the consultation. Look for credentials, the services they offer, and references. 

A professional decorator can work with any style, but that doesn’t mean their skills can shine in all types. Ask what their favorite is and see if it aligns with what you want.

Mention you’re renting an apartment. Ask if the decorator had previous projects styling rentals. Look for one with experience, but it shouldn’t be too hard since more Millenials are renting instead of buying.

Do the decorators have contractors they can recommend? You can usually get discounts if they work with familiar people. Even without a price decrease, they might recommend a reputable company instead.

Lastly, ask for their payment scheme. How do they charge? Is it hourly, a flat rate, or a percentage of the project cost?

Learn How To Maximize Renting An Apartment

When renting an apartment, hiring an interior decorator is much easier than styling it on your own. They have experience decorating temporary spaces, and they have the professional knowledge to make better choices.

Make the most out of your luxury apartment living by hiring the right decorator. If you’re looking for apartments for rent in Preston Hollow, contact us today.