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What Exactly Are Luxury Apartments?

While there are still apartments you will find that are both undesirable and outdated, there are a rising interest and availability in luxury apartments. You will find plenty of appealing, attractive, and accommodating apartments that can provide a luxurious living experience. You may be wondering what sets these apartments apart.

High-End Appearance

One of the things that truly sets these apartments apart is their high-end appearance. You will find a lot of these apartments outfitted with some of the best and most high-end features. These apartments typically have various desirable features and amenities that you wouldn't find in lesser-priced apartments. Some of these things include stone countertops, tile flooring, hardwood flooring, or even stainless steel appliances. Along with the interior being exceptional, the exterior will also have a lot of upgraded features that make it aesthetically pleasing. These features can include professional landscaping, large and extravagant entrances, and even premium construction.

On-Site Amenities

You will also find these apartments offering some of the higher-end amenities that you wouldn't normally find in the lower-priced or affordable tier of apartments. Some of the more prominent features you may find in luxury apartments can include gyms, sporting facilities, movie theaters, dog parks, and more. You may find some of the lesser-priced and more affordable options offering a few of these perks, the majority of them won't have higher-end versions of them. In addition to high-class amenities, you will also find a lot of value in the location of the apartments. Location is the name of the game when it comes to pricing and attractiveness. After all, the closer you are to the city, the closer you are to the action. This can increase the price as you will be paying for added convenience.


Another major element that can dictate whether or not an apartment is considered a luxury is the total amount of space it offers. You will typically find a lot of higher-end structural features present in a luxury apartment. This can include having sky-high windows, higher ceilings, and even more overall square footage. You will also find some of the higher-end apartments having larger bedrooms and more square footage particularly in the premium rooms like the master bedroom and even the bathrooms. Are you looking to upgrade your apartment living? Contact Park Fountains at Preston Hollow today and take a tour!